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Why work at Gold Leaf Lending…?

Speed. Options. Support.

  • 1.5% comp to LO’s – you work too hard to work for any less!
  • Third party processing – They get paid when and only when the loan closes.
  • Health, vision, & dental available.
  • Social media, graphic design, and video editing team on staff – We want you active on social media!
  • Purchase priority – When refi booms hit that’s when we solidify our real estate agent partner relationships!
  • 100% web based systems – Email, LOS, and CRM.
  • Wholesale rates – no more paying the retail guys salary!
  • Yearly president trips for $18M/year producers – We want to celebrate your wins in a big way!

Everyone at Gold Leaf Lending is winning from their own production. We do not believe in overrides or splits with non-producing managers cutting into your comp. Aside from support staff, every single person here is licensed and producing – including our founder Tyler. Because of that, those savings are passed to you as the originator, to our support staff helping grow your business, and investing back into the business to again, help you grow your business.

Send us a message to have a confidential chat to see if Gold Leaf Lending may be a good fit for you!